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C U S T O M  I L L U S T R A T I O N S

If you want something custom for that special someone, a special occasion or if you just want to turn one of your own special memories into a piece of art please email a photo to for a quote on your piece. Examples and price guides below:

Custom Family Portrait

Cartoon Style

from $65

GF_Framed Web Pics15.jpg

1:1 Scale Newborn line drawing

from $65

GF_Framed Web Pics8.jpg

Line Drawing

from $49

GF_Framed Web Pics13.jpg

Stylised (no outlines)

from $65

Please note: from price is for a custom illustration with no front on faces included, digital supply of final file only for self printing (you can print as many copies of custom drawings and share how you like). Additional charges apply for faces and printed copy.

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